Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I could rant for hours about why I love what I do… but I know your time is precious so I’ll keep this short.

I am a health journalist, presenter and producer, who has spent the last 13 years interviewing leading experts around Australia and the world on ways to live a happier, healthier life. I co-hosted Channel 10’s daily health program Everyday Health and am a regular contributor to Body & Soul, Whimn, MamaMia and Women’s Health. I produced and co-hosted ABC TV’s Tonic, a magazine-style program headed up by Dr Norman Swan, and since then have dedicated my career to creating engaging, relatable health content for Australian audiences. I am Creative Director of The Lifestyle Suite – an expert-led and evidence-based content agency in the health and lifestyle space. Oh – I’m also a wife, Mum to (almost) two little girls and I make a mean chicken and leek pie.

Why focus on health? 

As a specialised field, health and lifestyle content requires not only journalistic know-how, but the ability to communicate complex medical information and expert comment creatively and reliably – it needs to entertain as well as educate. From digital publishing and large scale editorial projects to producing short form video and podcast – communicating health is my passion and my forte, and I bring to life content that means something for organisations, brands and the media – and most importantly, people like you.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the way we look after ourselves (and the way we don’t). I’m fascinated by people’s stories and how their health affects their lives. My work is grounded in thirst for evidence-based information, partnered with expert opinion and the word on the street – because everyone’s health experience is unique. I bridge the gap between consumer and clinician, so whether I’m writing to a young Aussie trying to find their way through life or facilitating to a room full of high level medical professionals, I believe both perspectives are equally important.

Want to work together?

Drop me a line via casey@caseyberos.com or contact Simone Landes from The Lifestyle Suite – simone@thelifestylesuite.com / 029327 6377. You can also download my bio here.


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